COVID-19 Business Continuity Update

In the face of the current crisis regarding COVID-19 many current and former clients are contacting us to refresh previous Business Continuity Plans and ask for our advice and assistance with their Business Continuity Execution.

Whether you have an appropriate Business Continuity Strategy or not, please call us to assist you with your efforts to map out your recovery scenarios in a disciplined and productive fashion. Further information can be found our on Business Continuity Planning page.




Strategic Management Consulting Firm

The Planning Group is dedicated to providing business planning expertise, strategic advice and facilitation to organizations through the practical application of strategic and operational planning. From the largest corporations and associations, to medium sized regional players, we help our clients understand where they want to be and come up with a solid plan of attack to get there. Since 2002 we have provided these services to our clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Client Sectors



We assist medium and large public and private companies with corporate strategic planning to create credible and compelling integrated business plans. Through process design, facilitation, analysis and strategy support, we will help you go beyond the typical mission, vision, and values to define and cascade strategy for remarkable business results.

Associations and NGO's

Associations and NGO's

Associations and NGO’s have a special obligation to create and execute highly effective strategies for the execution and expansion of their very distinctive mandates. Through our proven consulting practices in association and NGO strategy and planning we will help your organization board, management, staff, and volunteers drive exceptional benefit and value.

Non-Profits and Charities

Non-Profits and Charities

In an environment of shrinking funding and growing needs, non-profit and charitable organizations require a disciplined, effective approach to defining and executing highly prioritized strategies with a focus on innovation, revenue diversification and growing mandates. Our proven NFP and charity strategy and planning consulting will help you continue to do good.

Government and Quasi Governmental Organizations

Government and Quasi Governmental Organizations

Strategy creation and implementation in government and quasi governmental organizations is unique and requires a distinct approach. With special mandates, taxpayer funding and multiple stakeholders, strategy implementation often gets mired in delays. We have unique experience finding common ground among diverse agendas for tangible and measurable benefits.

What Clients Say About Us

“The Planning Group helps businesses take a more practical approach to strategic and operational planning…and measure the results.”

PROFIT Magazine

“The Planning Group asked the tough questions, and held our feet to the fire to ensure that our strategy would take us to new heights…Both here and in China…”

Bruce Seeley
President Asia, Europe
Global ATS Automation

“The Planning Group has the capacity to understand, focus and reduce the specific requirements of our organisation to the essential…their practical sensed work allowed us to create a new and fresh vision…and to be extremely efficient…”

Reiner Eisenhut
President & Group Managing Director
tremco illbruck International GmbH

“The Planning Group has helped us take a more practical approach to creating business plans that can be successfully executed and improve our results.”

Paul Jones
Senior Vice President
Rogers Media Publishing

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