Market Selection Consulting

Market Selection Consulting

Target Market Strategy

Market Selection

Broad growth and value strategies are only window dressing without disciplined and effective market selection and sizing. Glossing over vague target markets spells the eventual demise of even the best market facing strategies. We have helped many clients fully define and test their target market selection strategies to improve success and ensure cost benefit. We will go beyond standard market strategy consulting and market selection consulting and help you determine:

  • Your weighted criteria for market selection
  • Your unique value proposition as it informs market selection
  • Your desired primary, secondary and tertiary target markets
  • The characteristics and makeup of your target customers, geographies, sectors, demographics, etc…
  • The best top down and bottom up market sizing methodologies
  • The appropriate methods to test your assumptions


Ultimately, we will help you answer the question “where will our first 100 sales come from?” Unlike the old IBM commercial, we are consultants that “do.” We will visit, verify and size your target markets. We will talk to your prospects, customers and competitors to ensure your market selection will be effective. In fact, we will assist you to build initial prospect lists and launch in pilot markets. Call us today and we will share specific examples to explain our methodology and successes in market selection and market opportunity sizing.

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