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At The Planning Group, our statistical consulting and data analytics practice is focused on a singular goal: helping you find meaningful and actionable insight from a mountain of disparate data. We use our sectoral knowledge and strategic savvy to ask the right questions to first help you determine the problems you hope to solve. Next, we help you define and articulate your objectives for analysis. Only then, do we apply powerful data visualization techniques and cutting edge statistical models to reveal patterns and ultimately insight. Our unique strength is our ability to combine all of our resources and capabilities in Strategic Planning, Focus Groups & Interviews and Market Selection Consulting to create a bridge from business people to statisticians and back to business people again. We call it Statistical Translation and we consider it our core competence.

Our statistical consulting practice leader, Dr. Reza Ramezan is best known for his major research funding from the National Science Foundation in the US and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council in Canada. Dr. Ramezan is currently a statistician in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Waterloo. His ground breaking work in multiscale and multivariate analysis of neuronal data makes the problems we throw at him look easy in comparison.

We help clients use their existing data across of range of useful and sometimes surprising ways:

  • Verify a hunch about current state. Do you think you know what makes your organization unique, special and valuable and sets you apart from your competition? Would you like more quantifiable and credible evidence of your current advantages as the basis for strategy development? Our advanced and intelligent approach to analysis of your current customer base and competitive positioning can help you test and assess internal conventional wisdom before you build strategy on assumed differentiators.
  • Find market gaps and opportunities. Do you have an idea for serving a perceived underserved market space? Do you think your new positioning will resonate with customers and stakeholders? Would you like to be more certain before you invest? Through a unique combination of market intelligence and statistical analysis, we will help you bring validity to your assumptions before you commit.
  • Understand and quantify risk. Do you assume a strategic course of action will put your organization at risk, but you are having difficultly quantifying it? Are you stuck in limbo with a major decision because the uncertainty of risk is just too high? We will help you look at your risk from a new perspective and support your go-no go decision.
  • Understanding complex costs. Do you have particularly complex, intricate or concealed costs that you have lived with for years? Would you like to decide if those costs warrant further action and investment? We can help bring some of the most multifaceted and hidden costs into the daylight.
  • Crunching operational data. Do you have a complex question in manufacturing or supply chain that no one can really answer? Have you tried to attack a question from every angle with no real satisfaction? We can show you how we have solved extremely complex questions and how we may be able to help.

Our ultimate goal is provide you unparalleled decision support. Call us today for an initial high level consultation.

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