Association for Advancing Automation is Transformed

RIA, AIA and MCMA have transformed into A3: The Association for Advancing Automation

Congratulations to long time Planning Group client, A3. After a long and successful history as the umbrella organization for the leading trade associations in Robotics (RIA), Machine Vision (AIA), Motion Control & Motors (MCMA) and Industrial AI, the Association for Advancing Automation has officially transformed into a single, powerful organization focused on the global advancement of automation.

According to A3’s Vice President of Membership, Alex Shikany, “the evolution to one organization will allow all member companies of the three original associations, and A3 Mexico, to enjoy a single unified membership and access all member benefits regardless of their technology or sectoral focus. In fact, there has never been a better time to join the 1100 member companies than right now.”

One of the most visible changes is the creation of a single website at as a platform for news, education, tools, events, standards and certifications for robotics, vision, motion control and industrial AI. Through the website, A3 will be the foremost global authority across the automation journey from new users to advanced companies exploring the latest trends and technology.

While the transformation is about helping members and other companies embrace automation technologies, the genesis of the change is in the evolution of the technologies themselves. As automation has advanced, robotics, vision, motion, AI and other disciplines have increasingly aligned to form more complex solutions. Major automation users are looking for authority and assistance to solve problems regardless of the underlying technology. A3 President Jeff Burnstein will be featured in an upcoming interview on Jim Beretta’s Robot Industry Podcast to explain the transformation of the association and the exciting future ahead for A3. Congratulations to the entire team of dedicated professionals at A3.