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Not every strategic planning or workshop facilitator can handle a complex facilitation with more than 40 people. We love large and complex facilitations. Since 2002, we have tackled some very large, very diverse and often contentious groups to find common ground, common vision and common strategy. Call us for specific examples of our large group facilitation work that may parallel what you hope to achieve. Here are a few examples:

  • Joint facilitated board planning sessions of America’s 3 largest automation associations
  • Multiple facilitated planning workshops of the mayors of the 30 largest automotive cities in Ontario
  • Multiple facilitated workshop sessions to find a common life insurance certification exam for the superintendents of insurance from all provinces and territories
  • Facilitated planning session of all stakeholders to form a new national Canadian Mine Safety Forum
  • Strategic planning workshops of all provincial mortgage brokers associations across Canada


Our success comes from understanding your needs and acting as a truly unbiased and independent facilitator. Whether you are trying to find common ground and savings among all your divisions supply chain people or you want to find a shared vision among a diverse group of external stakeholders, give us a call. We will help you articulate your objectives and help you avoid many of the risks and pitfalls of facilitating large and diverse groups.

Virtual and Hybrid Strategy Sessions 

Virtual and Hybrid Strategy Sessions

We have facilitated the most challenging groups with big expectations in more than 20 countries. While the requirements of social distancing and new board and management concentration policies have made effective face-to-face facilitation difficult, we have upped the ante with a new class of virtual and hybrid facilitation methods. Watch this short video to learn more about our virtual and hybrid approach to facilitation and contact us at to discuss your objectives.


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