Process Design Consulting

Process Design Consulting

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Project Portfolio Management

At The Planning Group, we understand that some process is good and some process is evil. We are process design experts. The good processes are being fully leveraged. Humans are following the process and gaining real benefit. The good processes mean that you can do certain things faster or safer. Manual steps and unproductive work are automated or avoided altogether. Your employees can use their brains instead of just completing tasks. Evil processes are not being fully leveraged. Organizations are not following them for real benefit. Evil processes are partially implemented and we spend massive amounts of effort:

  • Communicating and being communicated to
  • Trying to learn the new process
  • Trying to teach the new process
  • Trying to avoid the new process
  • Talking about the process and how to make it better
  • Setting up KPI’s to measure the efficacy of the process
  • Hoping the new process will fail or fade away so we can get back to work


We have helped clients gain real and measurable benefit from the complete implementation of many strategic management processes. We have deep experience with strategic planning process, project portfolio management and prioritization, strategy development process, integrated business planning process, financial planning and budgeting process, complaints process and pricing process. We follow our own disciplined process to help you develop yours. Whatever the process topic we always start by helping you develop a crystal clear view of the outcomes you are trying to achieve. We will ensure that we develop just enough process to meet your objectives and that there is a true cost/benefit advantage for your organization. Finally, we will assist you with a rock solid implementation and follow up plan.

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