Client Sectors

Sector Strategy Consulting

Sector Management Consulting


We assist medium and large public and private companies with corporate strategic planning to create credible and compelling integrated business plans. Through process design, facilitation, analysis and strategy support, we will help you go beyond the typical mission, vision, and values to define and cascade strategy for remarkable business results.


Associations and NGO's

Associations and NGO’s have a special obligation to create and execute highly effective strategies for the execution and expansion of their very distinctive mandates. Through our proven consulting practices in association and NGO strategy and planning we will help your organization board, management, staff, and volunteers drive exceptional benefit and value.


Non-Profits and Charities

In an environment of shrinking funding and growing needs, non-profit and charitable organizations require a disciplined, effective approach to defining and executing highly prioritized strategies with a focus on innovation, revenue diversification and growing mandates. Our proven NFP and charity strategy and planning consulting will help you continue to do good.


Government and Quasi Government Organizations

Strategy creation and implementation in government and quasi government organizations is unique and requires a distinct approach. With special mandates, taxpayer funding and multiple stakeholders, strategy implementation often gets mired in delays. We have unique experience finding common ground among diverse agendas for tangible and measurable benefits.


What Clients Say About Us

“…great talent for connecting with people and for facilitating the rapid adoption of ideas/concepts/processes that promote profitable growth…work ethic is unmatched. Tremendous value.”

Charles Houk
Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing

“…the strategic planning sessions that you assisted us with…were well organized and executed. We came out of our sessions with focused strategic initiatives…and success as a corporation and business leader.”

Pete Gray
Vice President
Frontline Environmental

“Helped us put structure to our chaos. We were flying by the seat of our pants, and you added wings, a jet engine and put a guidance system in our pockets. Now we’re on course to break through the stratosphere!”

Duane Lindner
Manager, Municipal Division
MTE Consultants Inc.

“Particularly strong at facilitating groups and bringing focus to complex issues…strong presenter to large groups and professionalism and business acumen is very evident.”

Dave Park
VP, Human Resources
Equitable Life Insurance Company