Strategic Approach to Business Continuity Planning in a Post Covid World

Peter Wright Speaks on Business Continuity Planning

Governance Professionals Canada (GPC) is hosting an important workshop for members and the broader community interested in better understanding Business Continuity Planning. The workshop registration page is open now on GPC’s site and if you miss the date, a recorded version of the Business Continuity Planning session will be available for purchase from GPC.

This timely and informative session will be conducted by Planning Group President, Peter Wright. While management consulting firm, The Planning Group has a long history of assisting clients with all areas of Business Continuity Planning, including Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery, Covid-19 has brought the need for disciplined, rigorous and proactive Business Continuity Planning into sharp relief.

According to Peter Wright, “Continuity planning is not a standalone activity. Rigorous BCP should be tightly integrated with your organization’s strategic, operational, tactical and financial planning processes. Board directors, senior leaders and middle management should be engaged in meaningful readiness practices focused not on be ready for everything, but being ready for anything. Business continuity planning is also not a one time or annual exercise. Good continuity planning practices should be conducted on an ongoing basis like a pilot running through scenarios. No single practiced scenario will likely ever occur, but the summary experience will make our individual and organization reactions faster and more effective.”

On the topic of Covid-19, Wright goes further to say “not one single organization prepared for Covid-19, but those organizations focused on board readiness, scenario analysis, role playing and other readiness exercises, dramatically outperformed their peers on execution, pivots and meaningful recovery when Covid disaster struck.” Listen to Peter Wright being interviewed on the The Robot Industry Podcast for more views on Covid-19 and business continuity planning.

Plan to attend this important session. If you are interested in more information about business continuity for your organization, contact The Planning Group directly. We serve corporations, associations, NGO’s and other non profit organizations in all areas of strategic business planning. If you are interested in having Peter Wright speak at your event, contact us

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